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How to make money with Trader Assist Trust Management program

Earn up to 50% of the Trader Assist project earnings.

If you have acquaintances who wish to invest their finances safely, we offer you affiliate program. All you need is to recommend us to your friends.

What is trust management?

Trust management (TM) is a way of investing in the Forex and stock markets. Transferring a trading account to a professional trader. The client provides access to the trading terminal, the managing trader trades, and as a result, the client pays a commission from the profit. A client does not transfer money directly to the manager, the funds are kept by the broker, which protects the client from withdraw.

Who are we?

We are the project https://traderassist.ru/tm/ which pays taxes and works under the contract, not hiding behind fake names and social network accounts. Our project under the brand TraderAssist, July 1, will be 3 years old. And the total work experience in the financial markets begins in 2012.

Why work with us?

  1. We do not take money from the investor. The client opens an account with a broker. All we take is a password and login from the account. With this account we can only make trades on the foreign exchange market. Withdrawal and deposit of funds remains for the investor.
  2. We have independent statistics through the myfxbook service, which is respected by traders. In addition to independent statistics, we can demonstrate our real accounts through live video broadcast.
  3. We work through a reliable European broker who will ensure the safety of investor funds. There are all relevant licenses, including the European Union.
  4. We conclude an agreement with clients with the responsibility of the parties. The contract is put not only the painting, but also the seal. There is an opportunity to pay our services to the settlement account of our project, from which then the tax for the provision of services will be paid.

What does a partner earn?

The main task of the partner is to hold a conversation with a potential client and make it clear that we can earn him money.

Processing clients from a partner can occur in several ways:

A) The partner himself communicates with the client and solves all the questions from A to Z. The partner sends us the login and password of the account, we start trading. Profit profits - they told the partner - he contacted the client - the client ordered the withdrawal of profits from the broker - the partner gave us our interest.

B) The partner found an interested client who is willing to invest under the control, transferred to us. We continue to conduct a dialogue with him, discuss risks, show results, agree on the withdrawal of profits, sign the contract. After each withdrawal of funds, we transfer a percentage to the partner.

The main task of the partner is to hold a conversation with a potential client and make it clear that we can earn him money.

This earnings can be called passive for a partner, since it is necessary to bring a client once and then constantly earn at each withdrawal of profit.

Our team works only with accounts from $ 5000, because if we take control, accounts less than $ 5000, then neither we nor our partner will earn money normally

We only work with clients 50/50. The percentage of the partner depends on the size of the account and their number. The minimum percentage of a partner is from 15% that we earn from a client. The maximum percentage of a partner is 25%. The percentage with each investor is discussed separately, in amounts up to $ 20,000 our commission is 50% of the profits.

On average, the profit per month will be about 5-7% of the deposit. If you bring a client for $ 10,000, then our average earnings will be about $ 500, your earnings will be $ 75 with full liability.

Contact Us:

Telegram: @yarikoligarh